Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the event?

Beginning at 7pm CST, the trivia play and event will last 90 minutes total. Sprinkled between trivia rounds, the event will feature clips of your beloved Seton Academy students, Directresses, and new Principal, with a peppering of Joe White–back by popular demand–as Master of Ceremonies.

Split the Pot sales will end at 9:15 and the winner will be drawn at 9:30.

The online auction will close at 10pm.

This is your big Gala, why are you doing home parties again this year?

We are riding the wave of success from last year; not only do small remote parties require little overhead, but many people expressed how FUN the event was.  Plus, a streamed event also allows our alumni and supporters all over the nation not only to watch along as spectators, but to be a part of the event through the trivia play.

Am I required to order food from the catering options?

Not at all; catering and beverages are available (and delicious!) for your convenience.  

I plan to order food; do I need to order a multi-course meal from the catering options?

Only if you’d like! There are many options available for all courses, but as the host you may define your party.  You can have a dessert and wine party, or heavy appetizers and cocktails, or entree and salad.  Make it your own!

Do I have to play trivia? May I just watch the event?

Absolutely! We are well aware that some people love to be on the perimeter of the bar, answering ALL the correct answers to trivia in their heads, but never actually playing.  We would like to make this option available for at-home spectators too.  There is no charge to watch, although donations and auction bidding are encouraged! Plus, there will be some videos featuring your favorite Seton Academy student(s) sprinkled throughout the trivia competition.

What kind of technology will I need to host and play?

Hosting Households will act as a Team Captain and require a “command center” with two screens:

  1. a computer with a camera from which the group can watch the event AND
  2. an additional mobile device (phone or pad) or a second computer to input answers.

For teams that are playing, this will be done via Zoom; a link will be sent to the team’s hosting household well in advance of the event. Joining from a laptop or desktop computer will provide the best experience.  This device’s screen could be cast to a larger smart TV for easier group viewing, but this isn’t essential.

The team captain will input the team’s answers to the questions using a device that is not also being used to view the event. TriviaHub, who is hosting the trivia, uses a browser-based quiz system that works with most internet browsers.  Chrome is preferred.  Please use an updated version.  Please do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  

More detailed instructions will be sent in advance of the event, giving ample time to make sure a household is set-up before streaming begins.

If you would like a more comprehensive understanding of the flow of a TriviaHub event, you can read through the breakdown here

What do I need to watch along?

Just a streaming device: computer, pad, mobile phone, or smart TV.  For spectators, the event will be shown through YouTube.  A link will be made available prior to the event.

Host, Team Member, Spectator — What’s the difference?


Every party needs a host! If you want all the fun to happen at your house,  this is the option for you. Worried about logistics? We’ve got you covered! Every host will receive instructions for setting up a “command center” which will allow your team to view the event and participate. We even offer a Party in a Box and catering options to help you run your party smoothly and effortlessly.

Team Member

Team members are part of the trivia fun! Each host puts together a team of up to 11 other team members to participate in answering questions.  Team members must be connected to a host.


We see you. You want to watch this fabulous event, but don’t want to put together a team or have the pressure of thinking up correct answers. Spectators can watch along from the sidelines, no questions asked.

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